TENS   - technology of pain-relief

TENS acts with the impulse which is more powerful and longer than the nerve signal of the pain. This way, it just suppresses pain signal and pain disappears, but returns after some time. Usually pain relieving effect lasts for about 20 minutes (here we mean serious pain, such as radiculitis, kidney colic, etc). TENS does not employ biofeedback.

First models of TENS devices were produced in 1975-80-s, they were TENS-01, TENS-02, TENS-02M.

SCENAR - technology of treatment

In this technology, the acting impulse changes dynamically during action (dynamic tuning in accordance with skin impedance) - shape and duration of the acting impulse are close by their characteristics to the impulse which after being distorted by skin layers, fat tissue, muscle tissues, etc., becomes similar to the nerve impulse. But the amplitude of the acting impulse is increased-this way the acting impulse artificially amplifies pathological signal. SCENAR is a "pain amplifier" (here "pain" means pain sensations, diseases, and other pathological conditions). It adjusts the dynamics of changes of its own signal to the dynamics of changes of condition of the 'pain" zone. The body responds to this with amplified restorative reaction, as it interprets the artificially amplified pathological signal as a real one. This makes the body work out more powerful reaction to cope with the"pain". To do that, you need at least one biofeedback to correct dynamics of changes of the impulse in accordance with dynamics of changes of the "pain" zone.

SCENAR technology allows restoring body functioning to the level it was functioning at before the disease occurred. SCENAR restores homeostasis which the body had before the disease.

COSMODIC - technology of restoration

With this technology the restorative function of the body is amplified directly, without amplifying the pathological signal. Here we need more complicated biofeedbacks which provide fine-tuning of the acting impulse in accordance with dynamics of the body reaction and not just in accordance with skin impedance. Diversity of the biofeedbacks allows involving both Central Nervous System and local regenerative abilities into restorative function. Now the packets of the acting impulses (not just single impulses) are regulated with biofeedbacks not only in accordance with dynamics of the signal (like in SCENAR) but also according to adjustment of the spectrum of the signal, to achieve maximum reaction of the CNS, and adjustment of interval dynamics of the packets of impulses, to involve local restorative mechanisms. Altogether, this process involves 46 biofeedbacks.

COSMODIC technology facilitates the ability of our body to restore itself at the cell level too. The body restores its functioning using both its general reserves (like in SCENAR) and own potential of its cells, which provides "rejuvenation" of the cells - restoration of their normal functioning. While facilitating the ability of our body to self-restore the healthy state at the cell level, theoretically COSMODIC cannot influence the biological age of a cell, but it can help the body to use the intrinsic, laid by Nature, abilities to heal itself.