Electrode ET-02Ag

Electrode ET-02Ag

Electrode ET-02Ag

    Price, $  250


Universal therapeutic remote electrode. Treatment of small areas, face cosmetology, pediatrics.

Range of application

  1. Treating new-born babies
  2. Acting upon the areas of complicated constitution.
  3. Acting upon small areas.
  4. Acting on the head.
  5. Treating perineum.
  6. Cosmetic treatment of the face.
  7. Treating disorders of vision.
  8. Enhancing therapeutic action of the device through the action of magnetic field of the remote electrodes.
  9. Prolonged action upon the area (the casing of the electrode has special strap placement handles so that you can fix it on the body with elastic strap).
  10. Prologed action with several remote electrodes on several areas (each electrode is fixed separately or several electrodes are fixed with one strap)


The electrodes are detachable and made in the form of buttons. Each button has a built-in point-contact rare-earth permanent magnet in order to focus the action along magnetic lines. At the same time the magnet fastens the electrode to the casing and allows you to take it off and put it back quickly and easily.

The electrodes are made of silver according to new technology, with method of pressing (compression capacity up to 50 tons), which enhances the structure of silver, making it high density. Such method allows enhancing efficiency of action due t0o increased gravitational density of silver while the mass of it is small.

In addition, you can order electrodes made of gold. Gold electrodes have the same shape as silver ones and can be easily fixed to the probe by the user.