Does using C-DOVE require any special knowledge or training?  

No. Using COSMODIC series devices from 'LET Medical' is rather simple. At least it is not more complicated (maybe even simpler) than operating any home electronic equipment. COSMODIC does not require being connected to the electricity supply networks. It does not need additional equipment or facilities. Our COSMODICs are compact and can easily fit in your bag or even pocket. You can use COSMODIC everywhere and any time you need. 
All you need is to read the instructions on use carefully, so that you know what the buttons on the front panel are for or what the LCD monitor displays or LED indicators mean. You do not have to make any complicated calculations or apply complicated techniques and algorithms to effectively use our COSMODIC devices. All you need is placing the device on the problematic area or projection of the pathological organ or region. And, of course, elementary knowledge of the human anatomy is desirable. 
However, in cases of serious conditions and diseases, you need a professional COSMODIC-therapist, who would conduct effective treatment using his knowledge and experience.

What are the silver electrodes different from the steel ones in?

Silver intensifies action signal focusing, i.e. provides deeper action upon the body. 
The silver electrodes are made of special silver of the first heat. It is a pure silver material without any additives, maintaining its natural structure. Silver has always been known for its healing properties. So, together with the device capable to restore your health, you will also have the healing effect of pure silver.

Silver is known for its bactericidal, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and styptic effects. Silver is a natural bactericidal metal effective against 650 kinds of bacteria which do not acquire resistance to it, like to most antibiotics.

Latest researches in this field proved the significance of silver for human health. For example, scientists found out amazing ability of fibroblast cells to multiply and produce the necessary kind of tissue under the influence of silver ions, i.e. the body itself regenerates the tissue.

How do I know that the device is working properly? Does COSMODIC have a built-in diagnostic test to ensure that the units are functioning properly over time?

Yes, the latest generation of COSMODIC series models from "LET Medical" has such internal diagnostic test, which just switches the device off if something goes wrong and restarts it automatically. 
If over time some systems of the device need to be adjusted, the diagnostic block finds and corrects them automatically. The device is also equipped with an aging corrector which traces and corrects mistuning of action and control circuits caused by aging of radioelements used in the device. This allows maintaining the effective work of the device for a long time.

Since the electrodes are critical in a sense that they are the interface to pick up signals from the skin and also the interface to transmit signals back to the body, can we stock up spare electrodes (to change when the original ones wear off)?  

You may be sure you that the electrodes will not wear out sooner than the device itself, so I do not think you will need it. It is rather the casing that might wear out .

 Certain modalities (from our past experiences) have different reaction when used for different lengths of time e.g. when used for 10 minutes, there is a relaxing effect but for 20 minutes, there could be a stimulating effect. Is that the same with your device?  

No, it does not produce stimulating or relaxing effect depending on the time of action. The more you act the more functions it restores. The device is really easier to use than you imagine. It was specially made as simple in operation as possible, not to load people with various methods and techniques.

What happens if a healing crisis occurs (we understand that this is normal and a good sign) but the symptoms become too severe - any protocols/recommendations you can provide as guidelines? Or just stop the treatment until symptoms are reduced?

You should not stop treatment with C-DOVE. You can continue treatment like before the crisis and the acute symptoms will be eliminated soon. During the healing crisis our body can recover sooner and more effectively.

Can I act simultaneously with two or more C-DOVE? What effect can such action produce?  

Yes, you can. First of all, simultaneous action with two devices can significantly reduce the action time. And the effect of action appears much sooner.

For the 6 points on the face and the basic eye points, which electrode is most suitable?  

For face and eye points you can even use the electrode on the device - its end-mounted part, or any of the remote electrodes you have. They will work.

 Is COSMODIC used specially for cosmetic purposes?  

Most people think so. But it is not quite right. This action mode is universal and can be used for treatment of many conditions. But COSMODIC - is not just an action mode employed in the device, this is a special technology. 
Together with  COSMODIC devices "LET Medical" company has developed a special COSMODIC technology providing restoration of the human's health at the genetic level - it cannot change the biological age of the cell but can restore its best genetically inherent and maybe still latent functions. 
COSMODIC is a more advanced technology, which restores body functioning at the cell level. It restores body functioning using both general organism potential plus cell potential at the genetically inherent level, which provides rejuvenation effects.

 I imagine your devices can also be used for cosmetic treatment. Have you any info on the effects reached, as to the patients opposed to cosmetic surgery.  

Yes, COSMODIC can be used for cosmetic treatment as well. We have some doctors who are working successfully in this field. Unfortunately, they do not speak English and they are not very willing to share the methods they use for cosmetic treatment. As for the effects, COSMODIC allows you to quickly smooth out scars and eliminate swelling after the cosmetic surgery, and also smooth out wrinkles and some other effects. It also provides a rejuvenation effect.

Is there any contraindication to working with a patient who has had a kidney transplant?

No, there are no contradictions to the patient with a kidney transplant.

 I am treating a patient with osteoarthritis of the hip. Have you had good results working with the SCENAR in this condition?  

Treatment with SCENAR can produce rather good positive results, but it is difficult to eliminate this condition completely.

 Can the unit assist in the treatment of depression? If so, is there any information available as to treatment success or any other conditions and their success?  

Yes, you can use the device for this purpose. Actually, even when treating the main disorder SCENAR produces very good effect and normalization of psychic and emotional condition of the patient. I can recommend you treating the basic areas, like six points on the face and three pathways on the back. That may be enough.