Application of SCENAR devices in Cosmetology with the help of extended separate electrodes


During our lifetime our face undergoes noticeable changes - appearance and deepening of wrinkles; transformation of facial oval; skin loses its former firmness and we have baggy eyes; sagging cheeks; and flabby neck.

The basic anatomical causes for these transformations are due to the following-the muscles that prop up the skin, lose their tone, volume and firmness, and as a result, the skin becomes loosened, and does not tightly outline the muscles. Atrophy of facial muscles causes decreasing of bone and face tissues, and they "sink" in the area of mouth and nose. The skin loses its firmness, and thus experiences the lack of moisture, as the cause of this, the microcirculation is becoming worse and supporting and connection tissues are less elastic.

Aging of the skin starts, basically, due to the influence of ultraviolet radiation of the sun (optical aging). Ultraviolet makes capillary walls harder, the blood circulation and skin metabolism to weak.

Outwardly, optical aging reveals itself by appearance of facial lines already at the age of 20 to 30 years old. These lines can hardly sadden anybody, for they are easy to conceal. Reasons for disappointment appear later when, due to transformations in hypodermic tissue, as well as in muscles, real wrinkles will show up, cheeks become sagged, lined with lateral wrinkles that draw the ends of a mouth downwards. This kind of misery comes from the fact that at the age of 30 or 35 they look in the mirror and see a sad, blown out expression of their face, but inside they still feel young.

Such changes come about due to the stresses, first of all. It is well known that hard stresses - anxiety, resentment, anger, envy - can cause long-term tension in the muscles of a back, shoulders and in legs. But few people know that stresses cause such tension in the muscles of face and neck.

One of the sure ways of how to get old is to neglect the tension that is day-to-day accumulating in facial muscles. The tension causes clogging of the channels, and pollution of muscle fibers; and tissues that cover muscles come to be weakened and deprived of fat. Cosmetic substances can successfully moisturize skin, and, to some extend, bring it to perfection, but it works solely on the outside. In order to "pull up" a face you need to influence underlying skin textures, i.e. facial muscles. If you have a look at the chart of face and neck without skin (fig.1 and 2), it is clear that skin is propped up by numerous facial muscles which in their term are responsible for its sagging.

One of the sure ways of how to get old is to neglect the tension that is day-to-day accumulating in facial muscles. The tension causes clogging of the channels, and pollution of muscle fibers; and tissues that cover muscles come to be weakened and deprived of fat. Cosmetic substances can successfully moisturize skin, and, to some extend, bring it to perfection, but it works solely on the outside. In order to "pull up" a face you need to influence underlying skin textures, i.e. facial muscles. If you have a look at the chart of face and neck without skin (fig.1 and 2), it is clear that skin is propped up by numerous facial muscles which in their term are responsible for its sagging.

Face1 (C-dove)   Face2 ( c-dove)

1.Neck muscle                                                   7.Orbicular muscle of mouth

2.Depressor muscle of lower lip                             8.Genial (chin) muscle

3.Minor zygomatic (cheek) muscle                         9.Orbicular muscle of an eye

4.Elevator muscle of upper lip                              10.Frontal muscle

5.Elevator muscle of angle of mouth                      11.Mastication muscle           

6.Major cheek muscle                                         12.Sternal-clavicular-mastoid muscle

You can help facial muscles to be firm by doing special exercises, paying attention to the increase of tone in passive muscles, i.e. in those that we rarely use in our everyday life. There are certain exercises for "facial gymnastics" that are used by actors in order to look younger than their age. These are very complicated and time consuming. That is why even actors, who are used to long hours, are lacking patience, and they seek help in plastic surgeries.

Electrical stimulation for training of facial and neck muscles is much more effective than exercises and massage.

It is known that training of muscles works if their exertion (constriction) succeeds in taking turns with their full relaxation. Quantity of iterations between constrictions and relaxations is the second key to the efficiency of such training. Scenar device accurately allows body to fulfill constriction-relaxation of muscles in a certain area of face, which is practically impossible with exercising. Besides, electrical stimulation of skin and facial muscles improves blood circulation, oxygen inflow, nourishing of tissues, and their detoxification, i.e. enhances metabolism.


Purpose and capability of facial gymnastics with the help of Scenar device and its separate extended cosmetic electrodes.

C-Dove with cosmet-el.  

(fig. 3)

To bring back youthful appearance to a face means to restore the volume and firmness of facial muscles, and to maintain it in future on a proper level.

In order to gain beautiful outlining of a face you need to pay thorough attention to a large number of facial muscles. Each one of us has absolutely unique layout of muscles and nerves, thus the location of zones on a face, which are to be processed by SCENAR device for maximum results, are also individual.

A good picture of a layout of facial muscles is presented in fig. 1 and 2. Using the muscle lists in these figures, and your opinion of what your face should look like as well, you can make out a plan for "facial gymnastics" with the help of Scenar device and its cosmetic electrodes for the next week, month, and season. The recommended zones that are listed below are only approximate, since everyone has personal certain spots in which you can reach maximal constrictions. To achieve accuracy in facial zones you need to depose electrodes a bit, in order to reach maximum of muscle exertion. You can judge by changes in your sensations, as well as by twitching of mouth corners, eyelids and eyebrows, which you can observe in a mirror.

These recommended zones were chosen with the aim of activation of seldom-used group of muscles, as well as to strengthen those that are utterly tending to fade and lose their tone. In those cases when you are not aiming at certain exercising of your face, but to achieve rejuvenating, nourishing and detoxifying effect in your skin, you can slowly move Scenar electrode all over the face.

Conducting procedures.

You should stand in front of a mirror. Decide on what zone you will start to work out today. It would be helpful if zone numbers for the next 30 minutes were written out on a piece of paper that is placed where you can see it. Before you begin, make sure to remove any make-up that usually is oil-based, which can hinder a good electrical contact. To achieve a good contact with skin you can use electro conductive cosmetic gel, applying it right before stimulation of each zone. Keep in mind that fact that if electrodes are firmly pressed onto your face the process will be smoothly felt, but if electrodes are only slightly touching skin, you may experience unpleasant tingling. This nuisance can be reduced by decreasing of impulse power.

  schungite nozzle Shungite balls


Switch on a device, set the power to a minimum. To an activated device attach electrodes by means of a jack and the socket on a device. Make sure that ends of electrodes would not come into a contact with each other. Take Scenar device in one hand, and two handles of electrodes into another. Press two ends of electrodes (brass  or shungit pieces, fig.4) onto a chosen zone of your face. Keep increasing the power until the impulse feels comfortable to you.


You can apply diverse modes that are available in a device, but for the maximum effect of muscle exercising use mode AM (F2).

Pick a zone. Set electrodes to a pointed pairs of spots on a face. Take a note that power of influence can change (be changing). In this case make a desired power correction (up or down).

Check the electrodes position by looking in a mirror. If there is no apparent exertion of muscles (perceptible changes in muscles), you have to probe - move electrodes to immediate vicinity within chosen zone, provided you keep pressing electrodes to skin. If the exertion of muscles is still not sufficient, increase power until you feel perceptible sensations of muscle tightening. Watch your face in a mirror. Sometimes, instead of sensation of tightening, you can notice a movement of your eyebrow, or elevation of a mouth corner or eyelid. That means that normal training of facial muscles is in the process.

Means for skin moisturizing.

For skin moisturizing during electro stimulation they use water or special electro conductive gel (sprays, lotions). The best cosmetic effect is provided with the help of gel.

The fact is that turgor of healthy skin is provided by collagen [white] fibers and hylauron [gel-like] acid that are contained in intercellular space. With aging of a face these fibers and acid gradually dissociate, and as a result non-elastic collagen is accumulated there, and gel substance becomes sticky and less penetrative, which causes accumulation of toxins. Due to this fact, skin acquires sallow colour and weak structure.

If you've made up your mind to set about rejuvenation of your face, we recommend to use electroconductive moisturizing gels, which contain collagen, hylauron acid, vitamins and microelements.

Electro stimulation zones

In given description we advise on the electrode position upon face and neck (stimulation zones). The duration of stimulation in each zone shouldn't be more than 3 minutes. No session of stimulation should last more than 30 min., i.e. you must not cover more than 10 zones at a session.

Zones 1 to 9, 12 and 13 are paired, i.e. each of them have their symmetric counterpart on the other side of face or neck; so with overall number of zones of 24, you should plan beforehand which zones you will stimulate at each session.

Do not hurry to apply high currents of electricity. In any case you should start using SCENAR at low levels, trying to "awaken" muscular tissues during first days. Period of adaptation is individual, and can vary from couple of days to couple of weeks.

Have patience, you muscles will surely be strengthened.

Facial zones indicated below are only a recommendation. Perhaps, you will have to alter electrode position to get a better reaction of muscles. And try not to disconnect electrodes from your skin while doing these movements. Stimulation of each zone aims at certain group of muscles. Minimal time to accomplish a whole program on improvement muscles of face and neck, depending on the tone of your muscles, ranges from 1 to 3 months with 20-30 min. of exercising a day, 6 days per week. In the beginning of the course, if you overload yourself with too much exercising, you facial muscles might swell up a bit and feel sore. You may start with just 1 minute for each zone, increasing time on 1 minute every week (but no more than 3 min.).

If you are willing to reach positive result sooner, and have decided to do stimulation couple of times a day, keep in mind, that period of rest between the sessions should be at least 4 hours, and to be able to do this you must have had a month of stimulation behind you.

It may seem to you that some areas of your face and neck do not need stimulation. But still, to be sure of that, you should not neglect these zones but stimulate them to keep them in perfect tone.

Stimulation in zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 usually goes at electrical intensity that is below medium, zones 5 to 7 at medium intensity, and zones 9 to 13 at higher intensity.

COSMODIC is a good chance to fight back aging of face and neck, and not just sit and watch how Time changes your face.

Exercises for muscles of forehead, and zones about eyes and brows

For these parts of face they use mainly two zones (1 and 2) on both sides of face. Regular procedures will remove swelling, circles, and smooth out lines around eyes, reduce vertical wrinkles between eye brows, will outline superciliary arch, and smooth out wrinkles on the forehead. In addition, it is possible to act on symmetrical paired points.

Zone 1
One electrode is placed approximately in the middle point between the top of the auricle and the end of an eyebrow; second one is upper than that end of an eyebrow, or diagonally from the temple, above outer half of an eyebrow.

Zone 2

Place electrodes on a side of a face, as it is shown in a picture. Your eyelids should feel tension, and a group of muscles below eyes should feel a slight jerking.

Exercises around auricle

Strengthening of muscles that are used when smiling, smoothing of wrinkles

Zone 3

Electrodes are placed in front of auricle, where lower electrode would touch an auricle, and upper one would be in temple area. It lifts eyebrow and upper eyelid.

Zone 4

Position of electrode is almost vertical behind auricle. It pulls marginal part of a cheek up and inside of an auricle. This provides an effect of cheek lifting.

Exercising muscles of a middle part of a face

It is accomplished at higher electrical intensity than with forehead muscles. Systematic repetition of these procedures ensures "lifting" of sagged cheeks, "smoothing" of wrinkles that go from nose to mouth, as well as removing "bags" at the corner of mouth. When these groups of muscles sag, a face acquires fatigued and miserable expression. Exercises that tone and pull these muscles can render a surprisingly rejuvenating influence onto your appearance.

Zone 5

Electrodes are placed askance on a cheekbone. Stimulation of this zone does "extraction" and drainage of an eye socket, contributes to removing eye bags; and combined with zones 1 and 13 makes your eyes more expressive.

Zone 6

Place electrodes diagonally from ear and right under a cheekbone. This exercise acts on group of muscles that are located on a cheek and above upper lip, thus these very muscles are tensed during the exercise.

Zone 7

Exercising of this zone influences expressiveness of a smile. Electrodes are placed askance to a lower jaw. It smoothes upper lip upward and inside; increases volume of lip, and prevents vertical wrinkles which give away age of a woman.

Zone 8

Electrodes are place vertically, not far away from an ear, where upper electrode is put a bit lower than ear auricle trestle. You should feel soft vibration of muscles around eyes and mouth. Muscles of cheek and mouth should be slightly tense. This exercise helps eye expression, assists in smoothing out vertical lines above upper lip.

Exercises for muscles of lower face and neck

It is accomplished at bigger intensity than with muscles of middle face. It is due to the fact that muscles of lower face and neck are more solid. Besides, in order to achieve noticeable results, you should pay more attention to these.

Zone 9

Place electrodes onto a neck as it is shown in a picture. Gradually increase intensity until you feel constriction of sinew. Lower jaw and a chin may slightly drop.

Zone 10

Place electrodes onto a neck as it is shown in a picture. Gradually increase intensity until you feel constriction of sinew. Lower jaw and a chin may slightly drop. It contracts neck muscles, and partially secondary chin, improving consolidation of delicate neck tissues.

Zone 11

Place electrodes right under lower lip. Choose intensity that would feel low by sense. You should feel tension that would pull down the lower lip. The exercise preserves volume of lower lip, and prevents its atrophy.

Zone 12

Place electrodes under the jaw, and closer to the chin; and do an upward movement. Choosing the level of signal, you should feel the reaction of jaw muscles - muscles of chin and mouth ends slightly contracting. It contracts and pull outward the lower lip, shaping it and putting to a minimum its stretching, which is due to lowering of fat substance.

Zone 13

Place electrodes on a side of a jaw, closer to the ear, and right on the curve of a jaw. Upon activation of the device, muscles of lower cheek, jaw and a mouth end react to this.

The list of given zones may be broadened, for instance, stimulation of a neck muscle farther from chin than zone 9, right under ear. Other variants of zones are quite possible. Do not hurry to expand that list during the first three months.

Food for thought

* Those who is used sit or walk with his head drooped; sleep on a high pillow, or with his face down; - they are more likely to have following changes in their face and neck: cheeks have slid down to a chin, distorting facial oval and showing eye bags; secondary chin appears. They have grooved nose-and-lip and cheek-and-chin wrinkles, lined mouth ends, and lowered eyebrows. In place of former smiley expression there is a rigid, strict and saddened one. 

* Old age is a state of our soul. We are as old, as we look.

* We have to learn how to relax our face. Sit straight, and relax. With your fingers, except thumbs, massage your temple muscles on both sides. Look straight. Drop your lower jaw as far as possible, breathe slowly. Then smile your widest. Pause in this position as long as you can, relax, and repeat all of this 10 times. This exercise relieves tension in deep parts of your face. With your fingertips search on your face spots of tension that were left, try to relieve them. Carefully cover your face with palms, and relax for 1 or 2 minutes.

* You cannot replenish a harm from poisonous influence by means of good care. Due to smoking wrinkles appear 10 years earlier that it is due.

* Aging lingers with those who have a good sense of humor, who do not take it close to their hearts, and who persistent in their work during life, who is likely to look to the future, without turning back.

* Psychological condition, physical one, and appearance are bound together.

* With relaxing of your facial and neck muscles, you feel increase of your vital energy.

* Wrinkles always appear at the right angle to tissue direction of mimic muscles, or they intersect.

* With cosmodic device you can always relax facial muscles, remove lines, improve skin nourishment, even without extension electrodes.

We hope that cosmodic device with its extension cosmetic electrodes will help you to slow down Time, to stop to be disappointed when you look into the mirror. We are usually saddened because our reflection is older then we feel. The eagerness to look younger, and lack of laziness will help you to bring back your beauty, youthfulness, and health.